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Every donation no matter the size helps us continue our effort in helping others. For sponsorship opportunities including in-kind donations please contact us. )

National Corporate Sponsor
Official Apparel Sponsor
Official Headwear Sponsor
BUILT National
As a strong supporter of the National Kidney Foundation, BUILT National has provided $150,000 over a multi-year period to support the work of our mission. Through entertaining customers, utilizing corporate marketing strategies and B2B networking, BUILT National members have access to the NKF Golf Classic series and its year-long schedule in major markets and destination golf courses.
To learn more about our strategic partnership, read the article It’s More Than Just Golf and listen to the BrandBuilders Podcast with Matt Marvel and Abby Aiello.

Dormie Network
As a new partner, the Dormie Network Foundation is supporting the NKF by donating auction packages for annual membership and stay-and-play weekend getaways to sample the Dormie Network experience. Dormie Network Foundation has pledged to donate more than $4.8 million to nonprofit organizations hosting gala and golf fundraising events.
Dormie Network is a national network of renowned golf clubs combining the experience of destination golf with the premier hospitality of private membership.